dance x video workshops & showcase with suzhou youth

Dance and video workshop with 40 school children and dancer Yun Cheng in Suzhou, China, for their end of year showcase. A collaboration for over 3 months, documenting ‘everyday’ narratives of experiences within the school community in visuals and movement. Encouraging the sharing of personal reflections on student life, incorporating this into gestures and moving […]

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as if trying to catch smoke, dance x video collaboration

Collaborating on a dance production with SLATE Contemporary Dance Company and sound artist Pan Daijing. Exploring the theme of dreams, pasts and the intangible, to create an immersive experience. Melding experimental sound, dance, and a visual interpretation of the themes through elements of multimedia at the Minsheng Art Museum, first performed as part of Jue […]

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futura in nyc, a short-doc series & campaign for hennessy v.s

A 3-part documentary series on NYC street artist Futura’s collaboration with Hennessy V.S in 2012. Videos for platform: Hennessy ‘Never Stop Never Settle’ Website and Social Media Part 1: Futura in NYC Part 2: Futura in Cognac Part 3: Futura x Hennessy V.S launch in Paris Management of Project, Production, Client + Artist, responsible for […]

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