w+k play hard: a story within a story, set in a fake tv gameshow with 90 surprise contestants

“I need you to make a lot of noise. 

Remember this is TV 

the more noise you make the better it looks. 



Can I have the lights please?”

The production of a fake TV gameshow “play hard” – that goes wrong due to rivalling hosts, a drunk director and a control-freak producer… all in the view of 90 surprise guest contestants from Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai

  • a new scripted immersive experience
  • 6 actors play out a story-within-a-story
  • 3 rounds: physical, knowledge + talent
  • Reimagined cult gameshows: Gladiator, Takeshi’s Castle, Fear Factor, Survivor – but with a twist…
  • 15 custom games
  • 12 supporting films for
  • 90 surprise contestants

Direction of:

  • stage, lighting, sound, prop design
  • films & animation creation for 15 games 
  • custom-designed dinner with grand reveal
  • programme of performances / entertainment


“Hello contestants, I am the director. 

It is my job to capture everything as you “compete” today. 

I would just ask a couple of things from you. 

First, please do not look directly into the camera; it puts the people off at home.  

Secondly, you are special or any different than any other contestants we have had before. 

Truth be told monkeys could do this, it would be the exact same show, except they’d have better smiles. 

Also please move on to each activity as quickly and efficiently as possible because I don’t want to be here all night filming this shit. 

You do your part, I’ll do mine and we’ll all have a great time and most importantly be out of here by 11. 

Thank you and remember, “Impossible is nothing”.”

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