“the garage” experiment, a concept space for ECHO PARK music festival

“every idea has its humble beginnings, we believe you get the answers and courage when you engage in the process, that it’s not about where you start, it’s where you take it – introducing the garage”

  • controlled limitations (time, space, resources)
  • 16 individuals test out a new concept,
  • within a 2x2x2m cube
  • 16 ideas executed to action + time-plan,
  • public to trace progression and join in
  • a ‘window’ into their creative process

The launch of collaborative project ‘THE GARAGE’ at ECHO PARK over SEPTEMBER 2015. For the two-day festival, eight individuals were invited each day to share an idea that they are experimenting with. Each had a 2x2x2m cube, within which they test out their concept, creating a ‘window’ for visitors to gain insight into their creative process – and join in.
The eight-hour durational piece was be unveiled in an industrial setting inspired by the reality that

some of the greatest ideas started from inside people’s homes, developed during daily lives, in the midst of regular routines, to counter existing challenges, these day-to-day sparks of inspiration have led to action and alternative possibilities. Innovation does not have to always take place in labs, by experts, with high-tech tools, creativity exists within each of us. Whether it’s a garage, a basement, or a dorm room, every idea has its humble beginnings.

Collaborations & showcased projects included:

  • An illustrator turned to textiles and pillows for the lonely, combining puppetry and butchery
  • A theatre writer challenged barriers to communication, creating conversations in musical, image-based and rhythmical forms
  • A director spliced and refined, producing a commercial in real-time
  • A contemporary dance group joined with an installation artist to build an environment of movement and sculpture
  • A painter used images and phrases sent from collaborators to create surreal collaged narratives
  • A graphic designer applied pixel art to live paint scenes, captured conversations, reproduced passers-by
  • A musician set out to tangibly construct a soundscape experience
  • A filmmaker reimagined the editing process, regressing from digital-to-analogue, opening up storytelling to the public

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