sounds like you and me, an intergenerational theatrical show on ‘knowledge’ beyond our-selves and -times

… when a song comes on and you want to dance, but not alone, so you grab someone, like grabbing you into ‘my world’… come and imagine what I’m imagining!

Supported the narrative development of ‘Sounds Like You and Me’, a reflective and inspiring journey with the cast of young and old from Outreach Foundation and Tswelopele Frail Centre. A group undaunted and with belief in using their voice, imagination and actions to respond to their complex history and social questions. The intergenerational 10-82-year-old talents are in their 3rd year of partnership, committed to values of inclusivity & expression. With the theme of 2019 around music, how it captures the essence of the world around us, allowing “knowledge” to exist beyond our-selves/time, with particular honouring of jazz, embedded in South Africa’s history and cultural heritage.

What is it about time? 
If the self starts before you, where & how did it start? 
What came at the ‘beginning’ & what is the ‘beginning’?

The collaboration opened up an exploration into the role of memory, of our pasts and what “came before” that shapes our identities, unveiled in April 2019 what will be an exciting theatrical experience based on the true accounts of the sad, the joyous, the reflective, the prospective, the funny, and at times, the obscure and random stories and memories of a most dynamic group.

Music has forever been a way to unite minds, spirits and bodies, a powerful tool that can dissolve time and space, bridge cultures, languages and ages. It is a thread connecting us to the past, a trigger for sweet and bitter memories, a reminder that this way of sharing values, understandings and stories came long before narratives could be written and recorded. 

What leads us to sing one thing in the past and now another? 
What are the differences in us and how we see the world? 
What do you think about the change?

This annual project, started in 2016, has been invaluable in giving minds and bodies of those in the care home an opportunity to declare a new role in the theatre, with the exchange reaching new depths this season by opening up the too often closed walls of the care home to the presence of young voices, where the active pulling of song and movement from our collective archives led to moments of serendipity and synchronicity. Where the shared understandings became what mattered and brought to life a new context and space within the original walls.

Why preserve? Why run from memory? Why burn?
When do we get to to return? Are there some things you don’t want to see again?  
But why do not you want to see things from the past? Or do you now see ‘better things’?

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