research-experiment-hack between dancers, architects & game developers

A project in development for 2019, a set of interdisciplinary collaborative experiments between 9 young graduates from 3 creative sectors who explore narratives in space in different ways – 

  • 3 dancers / bodies-movement 
  • 3 architects / spatial-structural
  • 3 game developers (interactive artists) / games-interaction

The 9 participants will aim: to devise and create a dual online-offline / analogue-digital space over a 5-day facilitated collaboration (jam/hack/workshop), there will be 3 iterations in 2019 across 3 themes and within 3 group arrangements (of groups of 3). 

There are 2 overall objectives: 

  1. Research 
  2. Development of “Interactive Spaces”. 

For (1), the existing research involves an in-depth method to explore interdisciplinary dynamics, forms of communication, exchange, evolution and disruption of methodology, to enter these schools of thought, practice and industries, to deconstruct processes and in the process to maybe initiate and inspire others. 

For (2), the 5-day journeys towards developing these 9 resulting concepts and spaces will be documented, featured in blog form and shared with partners, the offline version proposed to the interactive arts festival Playtopia in December in Cape Town or other local venues (depending on outcomes) and the online hosted for public interaction.

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