building alternative systems to tackle food waste & insecurity

Supporting Nosh Food Rescue on developing structure around alternative systems to tackle the complex food waste and security issues within their local community.

The NOSH project is focused on the rescue, repurposing, and redistribution of wholesome prepared and perishable food items at the retail and commercial level. The food is redistributed directly to individual recipients, within the Johannesburg Metropolitan area. NOSH is positioned as a non-profit co-operation between the food retailer and the hungry and supports a network of shelters. 

Besides consulting on building frameworks and structure, I collaborated with short-term volunteers on documenting and deconstructing the everyday operations. The aim was for participants to not just react and complete the daily tasks, but to internalise, reflect and reinterpret the practices for the development of educational, organisational, and structural material that can be applied beyond their limited time with the project.

This experience, led me to understand the shortfalls of volunteers who had limited commitments to the cause (often two weeks), the challenge of understanding the work of the organisation and its vision, and the adopting of practices, as well as research and development over a short period of time. Due to this inefficiency, I met and introduced the NOSH project to volunteer network AIESEC, who coordinate and monitor social impact work placements for university students at development organisations. I also applied the challenges of NOSH within a creative design brief for students at University of Johannesburg to tackle.

For AIESEC I developed an 8-week programme, that details the different areas of focus and work activities, with the intention of building up their knowledge, engagement and capacity to communicate, advocate. To encourage a commitment towards research and to maximise individual contributions to the community and cause, and to deliver the best of themselves within the opportunity in the social impact sector. 

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