language experiment part 2: developing my own pictorial script

The illustrations above represent a 72-hour phase during September 2017, detailing my physical actions and interactions, as well as subjective, inner thoughts and emotions.

An excerpt of an experiment that initiated through playing with language, symbols and characters, within which I tried to experiment and develop my own pictorial version. Starting with engaging with my own journal entries to see how I would interpret, abstract and visualise these personal internal and external experiences. There is a key for these pictograms (which I won’t share as then you’d be able to read it!) and it was interesting to see the patterns emerge and more complex definitions evolve into ideograms from their simpler parts.

I have been considering the possibilities and process to develop

a dictionary that is beyond function, and embodied also my own personal nuanced connection to aesthetic, symbolic, semantic meaning and start to write in that language so no one, but I could understand.

It partly came from the fascination for Chinese characters, the wonder over the idea that these detailed pictograms and ideograms evolved through minds and hands through the millennia, and with that the sadness that I am unable to carry that connection, to continue applying, adapting, adding, nor be able to play with it in anywhere close to an expressive way. I love words, but the alphabet I use everyday feels so rigid, systematic, functional.. the form doesn’t relate to the content. So I was in search of something more consistent, connected and my own and this was the start…

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