language experiment part 1: non-verbal storytelling between Shanghai & Rio (part of ‘the portal project’)

How to create a new language, to share, express and react, through games and journeys with strangers you will never meet… enter a travel agency for the mind..

A week-long experiment between two performance artists from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Shanghai, China. Opening up to nameless spaces and places in the imagination and memory of strangers, a collective creativity-fuelled game of warped communication and imperfect understandings. Not purely a showcase, but a process that explores one possibility for a deeper ways of exchange and connection. To give unconnected, distant people a collective space / ‘portal’ / way to be together, recognising the space we share, the world, is a different place to each of us entirely

Excerpts from Story 1 below:

Day A: Take a childhood memory (25/04)

  • HANDWRITE story in black
  • circle NOUNS in green
  • square VERBS in blue
  • underline FEELINGS in red
  • highlight ADJECTIVES


  • Take photo for NOUN
  • Film 5-sec video for VERB
  • Record sound for FEELING
  • Select a colour for ADJECTIVE

Time: 360 hours (15 days: 24 April – 9 May 2017)
Type: Experiment to build a new language between 2 strangers
Source: China + Brasil
Destination: Language + Connection
Mode of Transport: A. Storytelling / B. Interpretation


  • one lucky individual from China (from pop. 1.3billion)
  • one human from Brasil (200million)
  • curiosity and chance (1/1300000000 x 1/200000000 = never would have met)
  • 30 minutes a day
  • internet
  • video, sound and photo-capturing device, pens and paper

Excerpts of Story 2: a dream from last night (27/04)

Excerpts of Story 3: about the oldest object you own (29/04)

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