a workshop on intention.. for social entrepreneurs

A research project in development since 2018. Engagements with groups and individuals in the social impact sector between 2017-2018 have since inspired and led to the devising of ideas for a workshop designed to unpack the various layers of self, to ask of a social entrepreneur to explore their own intention behind their ‘impact project’.

The 4-part workshop is a non-conventional journey into the discovery of “self”, for those venturing into and immersed within the competitive, self-driven world of start-ups. The purposes are to share and broaden perspectives, communicate the underlying narratives that drive direction, as well as abstracting and reflecting on the processes through which participants plan, strategise and position their projects towards the causes they aim to support. It is a collaboration between myself and a creative partner Louise Darko committed to building innovative brands, supporting start-ups and programming cultural and commercial venues in South Africa, Ghana and UK for the last decade. 

We are currently looking to test these experimental processes with a range of open-minded, creative groups.

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