dominion shebeen, informal settlements & economies

widening perspectives on food & culture. part-game, part-exchange and collaboration between south african & chinese communities

short films, recipe books, vegetarian guides, participatory ‘cooking gameshow’ format invites public to be active+creative 

inspired, fusion creations sold in local shop, towards community dialogue on food security, what could be different, how to achieve + connect to growing projects in other informal settlements

raise possibilities for imagination around what lives could be, the exchange to be both ways [SA recipes to CN community]

connecting strangers that never meet through a collaborative, cooking gameshow:


5 mothers from china transfer recipes to 

5 mothers in south africa

through a  ‘cooking gameshow’ (filmed by family members) 

they reimagine dishes using local ingredients and tools

the creations sold at the shop in zandspruit 

the films, recipes + stories shared with community to  inspire individual creativity, reflection + participation

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