custom narrative, war themed live-action role-play for 100

A custom ‘war’-themed performance, role-play and collaborative game to immerse and unify team at w+k shanghai on their founders day. A complex narrative consisting of:

  • 11 actors (posing as sergeants and ‘rat’ enemies)
  • 2 venues (converted office + bunker)
  • 1 hijack
  • 2 teams (working to solve challenges across the 2 locations)
  • 5 films
  • 4 missions for
  • 100 W+K staff
  • Ending in a festival

Filming and production of 5 kidnap videos introduce 4 missions [interrogation, bootcamp, transmission,  hunt] and ending in a decoded secret message… Resulting in a full-day immersive experience for 100 Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai team

Management of Project, Cast, Video, Event + Client, responsible for Creative:

  • Experiential concept development
  • Proposal & pitch
  • Creative direction
  • Mood & storyboards
  • Script development for videos + actors

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