mapping complex systems of violence with ‘ceasefire’, gang violence interruptors in the cape flats

“one day you chase me out of an area with a gun, the next day you bring me a gatsby!”

How to deconstruct, visualise and dialogue around gang-related violence in townships, towards finding new possibilities to enforce cycles of positive impact? Exploring complex systems with mapping: geographic, time, strategic, perspectives, ideas with different voices in community. Identifying negative cycles of impact and finding solutions for “dark spots” identified in mapping, strengthen the role of communication & the individual. Towards finding new methodology and processes for communities to strategise new possibilities that will enforce positive cycles of impact.


  • B. CHARACTERS: COMMUNITY ‘VOICES’ ie, innocent victims (in)direct + negative/positive impact
  • D. INSTRUMENTS: THE SYSTEMS THAT KEEP IN PLACE, ie, education / police / unemployment

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